DVD REVIEW: It’s a bleak week for new releases

May 4, 2019

All DVDs are not worth buying.

If you ever wanted proof, look at this week’s offerings – a stale sequel to “The Lego Movie,” a thin Taraji P. Henson comedy, a bad horror film and collections of episodes from TV series that you probably haven’t watched.

That begs the question, “Why buy?”

For most, it’s a way to catch up on films they didn’t see. For others, it’s a way to pacify those who don’t really care what they’re watching.

Thus, “What Men Want,” “The Prodigy” and “Liar,” season one, find their way onto store shelves.

Because there’s such a short window between theatrical and DVD releases, many of the films still seem current. Because a DVD is cheaper than a couple of tickets, concessions and parking, it often makes financial sense.

But, why would someone want to own a film they are only mildly interested in? Usually, you buy because you want to see it again – or you want it as part of your collection. All those other titles are just sitting on a shelf, taking up room.

Streaming films may seem like a better idea (and help extend the reach to others), but it doesn’t offer the bragging rights that come with owning “The Godfather,” “E.T.” and all nine installments of “Star Wars.”

Those you can justify.

“Bundy and the Green River Killer,” you can’t.

So, what do we make of this week’s releases? Meh, meh and meh.

“Better Call Saul” is the blue chip offering largely because the series is so well made. It’s a worthy successor to “Breaking Bad” (which has collectability) and the hint of future viewing. “The Head Hunter” does not.

If you’re going to buy one DVD this week, it’s probably going to be “Lego Movie 2: The Second Part.” It has a built-in audience (the first film was great) and an ability to silence children for the better part of two hours. It’s not as good as the first film (by a long shot), but it does prompt interest.

Eventually, it will go to the DVD graveyard in your house.

But for a week, it could be the one title that gets attention around most homes.

Life doesn’t improve much next week (there are similarly bland films in the offing) but there are reasons to buy something like “Apollo 11.”

If there’s a burning desire this week to own a film, go back to your list of classics and grab one of those. If you don’t have all three “Godfathers,” your set is not complete – no matter how bad the third installment turned out to be.