Orchids and Onions: Sunday, August 26, 2018

August 26, 2018

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to the place for saving money since they don’t spend any money on clean up. The rent will go down. “Not!” Clean this pig pen up and mow the grass in the water.

Onions to managers not answering employees’ emails. Whether you say yes, no, or maybe so, at least acknowledge that you have received it. Goes a long way in boosting morale.

Orchids to Dust Bunny Cleaning, you always do outstanding job! Even though you are not able to personally clean, you have trained your girls very well. Get well soon.

Orchids to parents who expect their young students to read for 20 minutes at home every day. It is the key to academic success.

Onions to the jerk with an oversized white vehicle with handicapped AZ plates at doctor’s office, taking up part of my parking space after I parked. Learn how to drive or buy a smaller car. My husband uses a walker. I had to back out so he had access to our car.

Orchids to Republic for their free bulk pick-ups. All I had to do was call for an appointment and got rid of two large chair stools.

Onions to California haters who reside in Arizona. Get a life!

Onions to the onion favoring no dress code in order to improve test scores. No distractions? Maybe a more “decent” dress code will contribute to improved test scores. Also, team higher achievers with not as high achievers to help test scores of both. Worked in multi-grade classrooms I attended. Try students-tutoring-students program.

Orchids to Don’s Auto Body, and more specifically to Brandon for his pleasant willingness to go above and beyond by charging my truck battery. Nice company to work with!

Orchids to Dr. Schlecht who removed the cataracts from my wife’s eyes. She’ll no longer need glasses. The only problem, now that she can see clearly, will she still think I’m handsome?


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