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Officers Taken To Hospital After Eating Doughnuts Filled with Pins

April 7, 1985

NEW YORK (AP) _ Two policemen were taken to a hospital after eating doughnuts riddled with needles and pins that had been sent to their stationhouse with a thank-you note.

The package containing eight booby-trapped doughnuts arrived at the 109th Precinct in Queens on Saturday morning and a similar package was sent to another stationhouse in the borough, said Sgt. Raymond O’Donnell.

Police Officer Frederick Brooks, 45, and Thomas Pepitone, 34, were taken to Flushing Hospital ″for precautionary reasons,″ examined and released, said Sgt. Raymond O’Donnell.

The doughnuts were wrapped in brown paper and came with a note reading ″Thank-you, class of 227.″

″Two policemen put the doughnuts out by a switchboard,″ he said, and Brooks and Pepitone tried them.

″One officer spit out one pin, the other spit out three,″ O’Donnell said. ″The doughnuts had pins in them, either staight pins with the heads cut off or sewing needles.″

Remaining doughnuts were X-rayed at Flushing Hospital. ″They showed 27 pieces of broken needles, from about an eighth of an inch to three-quarters of an inch,″ O’Donnell said.

Asked about the note, he said, ″We don’t know what it meant. We’re looking into it.″

Later Saturday, a sergeant in another Queens precinct, the 111th, saw a police teletype report about the incident. Two similar packages had been delivered to the 111th in the afternoon mail, but were thrown out after being opened, O’Donnell said.

″The sergeant pulled the doughnuts out of the garbage and found them full of pins,″ he said.

″The packages were in the same type of brown wrapping,″ O’Donnell said.

An accompanying note was identical to the one received at the 109th Precinct.

The doughnuts and the wrapper from the 109th were to be sent to the FBI’s Washington laboratory for analysis, police said. Postal investigators also joined in the investigation.

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