Houston judge releases juvenile defendants after losing election

November 8, 2018

A Texas judge who lost his seat in this week’s elections released seven juvenile defenders Wednesday, saying he figured that’s what voters wanted now.

Harris County Juvenile Court Judge Glenn Devlin was one of three GOP jurists who lost to Democrats on Tuesday night, according to local reports.

The day after his defeat he came to court, asked the juveniles who appeared before him if they planned to kill anyone, and whenthey responded in the negative he released them, according to the Houston Chronicle. Four of the children faced aggravated robbery charges.

“He was releasing everybody,” Steven Halpert, a public defender, told the paper. “Apparently he was saying that’s what the voters wanted.”

Keri Blakinger, a crime reporter for the Houston Chronicle, posted on Twitter Thursday noting Judge Devlin was a no-show in his courtroom the following morning.

“I am currently sitting in Judge Devlin’s court. He is not here today. His coordinator refused to say if this is a pre-planned absence. She won’t say if he’s on vacation. And she won’t say when he’ll be back,” Ms. Blakinger tweeted.

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