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List of Major Thefts in 1980′s With Museum Theft

March 18, 1990

Undated (AP) _ Here is a list of some major art thefts since 1982:


DEC. 29, 1989 - Eight works by Matisse reported missing from the Nice apartment where the French artist had lived. Police recover the works, with an estimated value of $12.5 million, during a routine traffic stop Jan. 9.

NOV. 5, 1989 - Works worth at least $17 million are taken from the home of Picasso’s daughter, Marina Picasso, including seven paintings by Picasso, a Brueghel and a bust by August Rodin.

SEPTEMBER 1989 - Works worth $3 million, including 81 Andy Warhol lithographs, are stolen from a gallery near Bonn, West Germany. Authorities recover the works from a Dutch art dealer.

AUGUST 1989 - Two men steal paintings and three signet rings worth $4 million from a New York art collector. The booty includes a 1516 painting worth $3 million alone and a ring the owner said belonged to the family of Vlad the Impaler, the Eastern European prince who inspired the vampire legend of Count Dracula.

JUNE 1, 1989 - A Braque painting worth an estimated $3 million is taken from the National Museum of Modern Art at Paris’ Pompidou Center.

MAY 3, 1989 - Six armed men flashing fake police badges steal $30 million to $40 million worth of paintings, sculptures and tapestries from the Chacara do Ceu Museum in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Police recover the works, which include paintings by Dali and Matisse and two Chinese ceramic sculpted horses from the 7th century T’ang Dynasty.

APRIL 12, 1989 - Three armed robbers take 21 Renaissance paintings worth more than $5 million from a gallery in Zurich, Switzerland. Police recover at least nine of the works.

DEC. 12, 1988 - Thieves steal three paintings by van Gogh, with an estimated value of $72 million to $90 million, from the Kroeller-Mueller Museum in a remote section of the Netherlands. The thieves demand a ransom of $2.2 million for the works, and return one of them. Police recover the other two on July 13, 1989.

MAY 20, 1988 - Three paintings by van Gogh, Cezanne and Dutch artist Johan Jongkind are tolen from Amsterdam’s Stedelijk Museum. Museum estimates the paintings’ worth at $52 million, but Christie’s auction house puts it at $11 million. Authorities later recover the works in March 1989.

FEB. 8, 1988 - Burglars break through a skylight into the Colnaghi Art Gallery in New York City, and steal 27 Old Master paintings and drawings. The stolen artwork is valued at $6 million, including two panels by 15th century Italian Renaissance master Fra Angelico.

JAN. 23-24, 1988 - A thief takes four etchings by French painters Renoir, Manet, Pissarro, and Millet from a Brazilian museum and demands a $60,000 ransom for their return.

MARCH 24, 1987 - Six paintings are stolen from the Juan B. Castagnino Municipal Museum in Rosario, Argentina. Among the paintings, worth an estimated $12 million, are works by Goya, El Greco, Tiziano and Veronese.

MAY 21, 1986 - Vermeer’s ″Lady Writing a Letter with her Maid,″ is among 18 paintings worth $40 million stolen from Russborough House in Blessington, Ireland. Others stolen include works by Goya, Rubens, and Gainsborough. The thieves escape with 18 paintings, but dump seven of the least valuable works near a reservoir. Some of the same paintings were stolen in 1974 in an abortive attempt to ransom them for IRA prisoners in Britain and were recovered eight days after the theft.

OCT. 27, 1985 - Five armed men steal nine impressionist paintings from Paris’ Marmottan Museum in a bank-style holdup. Monet’s ″Impression Soleil Levant″ (Impression Sunrise) is taken along with four other Monets, two Renoirs, a Morisot, and a Naruse. The museum’s curator estimates the paintings’ value at $12.5 million but deems the famed Monet priceless because of its historic value. The Monet has been traced to Japan, but has not been recovered to date.

NOVEMBER 1983 - Seven Italian Renaissance masterpieces, including works by Raphael and Tintoretto, are stolen from the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest, Hungary. All of the paintings, worth $7 million, are recovered within a year, some from a sack pulled from the Danube River.

OCTOBER 1982 - Eight paintings are stolen from the Norwegian National Gallery in Oslo. Seven of the works, valued at $5.55 million and including masterpieces by Picasso, Rembrandt and van Gogh, are recovered two years later in West Germany.

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