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Kaelin: Nicole Was Upset When I Moved Into Simpson’s Guest House

March 23, 1995

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Nicole Brown Simpson was upset and accused O.J. Simpson of manipulation after he persuaded Brian ``Kato″ Kaelin to move to a guest house at his estate, Kaelin said today.

Kaelin had been living in a guest house at Ms. Simpson’s and planned to move into a room in the condominium she bought in January 1994, he has said.

``She was upset″ when he moved in at Simpson’s instead, Kaelin testified today.

``Did she feel you had betrayed her?″ asked prosecutor Marcia Clark.

``She felt I was manipulated,″ Kaelin said. ``Those were her words.″

``Did she try to get you to move out of (Simpson’s estate on) Rockingham?″ Clark asked.

``Yes,″ he said.

Asked if his relationship with Ms. Simpson changed after that, Kaelin said yes.

``It wasn’t, we were not talking as much. ... It was different. I always liked Nicole, but she wasn’t talking as much, so...,″ Kaelin said, trailing off.

Kaelin is a crucial witness for Simpson, who is accused of killing his ex-wife and her friend Ronald Goldman on June 12. He accounted for Simpson’s whereabouts much of the day, but was unable to vouch for him between 9:37 p.m. and about 11 p.m. _ the time prosecutors say the murders occurred.

Kaelin said he started looking for other places to live after the disagreement with Ms. Simpson. ``I was looking for places to move to,″ he said.

He testified he had planned to pay Ms. Simpson between $450 and $500 for a room at the condominium.

``Did anyone else try to make up that money to her?″ Clark asked.

``No, not that I know of,″ Kaelin said.


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