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July 8, 1991

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. (AP) _ Sonny Bono says he and ex-wife, Cher, were once so poor they bummed money off their chauffeur.

″And the Beat Goes On,″ which hits bookstores today, also recounts the couple’s mutual infidelity during their 11-year marriage, the duo’s success in the ’60s and ’70s and Bono’s current life as mayor of this desert resort town.

It tells of how in a Las Vegas hotel room, Cher asked Bono to leave so she could spend the night with the group’s guitarist. Bono retaliated by sleeping with the guitarist’s girlfriend.

Bono says that in 1968, he and Cher were chauffeured around in a Rolls- Royce but had so little cash they borrowed lunch money from the driver.


SACO, Mont. (AP) - The career of Robbie Knievel, son of motorcycle daredevil Evel Knievel, is really soaring.

The younger Knievel cleared the state’s largest casino and a tall cottonwood tree Sunday before about 2,500 people. The jump was 140 feet long.

Knievel, 29, was in the air 1.7 seconds as he soared over the tree and the 26-foot-high Sleeping Buffalo Barn at a resort outside this town. The ramp was 10.4 feet high, the tallest the younger Knievel has used for a jump.

He used a 7-foot-high ramp when he cleared the fountains at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas in 1989. His dad wound up in the hospital for a month after attempting the same jump in the 1970s.

Robbie Knievel took over the family business when his father retired 11 years ago.


NEW YORK (AP) - Bridget Fonda says her aunt Jane offered advice that proved helpful when the media began examining their relationship: develop a thick skin.

The 27-year-old actress said her aunt told her, ″If you take (the press) to heart, you’ll get hurt.″

So far, her rockiest moments have been over reports about her relationship with the Oscar-winning actress and fitness guru.

″What I had said was that I didn’t like exercise and wasn’t politically involved,″ Bridget Fonda said in the July issue of Mirabella. ″This got turned into ‘Niece of Hanoi Jane Tells All.’ Another time I said films had changed; journalists wrote that I didn’t like Jane’s films.″

She added: ″Get it straight. I like Aunt Jane. Aunt Jane likes me.″

Fonda, who appears in the comedy ″Doc Hollywood,″ is the daughter of Peter Fonda, Jane’s brother. Her grandfather was the late Henry Fonda.

Jane Fonda won Academy Awards for ″Klute″ and ″Coming Home.″


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - Patrick Swayze likes to perform his own stunts in movies, but he’s no fool.

Swayze surfed and skydived in his latest movie, ″Point Break.″ But he drew the line at throwing himself off a skyscraper.

″Of course, I’m not going to do any of those wild things like jumping off a 20-story building or flipping a motorcycle over five times,″ Swayze said.

″Insurance companies get uneasy from time to time. But my record is good - I’ve never seriously injured myself - and usually the director doesn’t mind.″


SAN ANTONIO, Texas (AP) - Gloria Estefan says she’s stronger than ever on stage after breaking her back in a bus accident last year.

″I feel no limitations on stage,″ said Estefan, who on Saturday kicked off the North American leg of her ″Into the Light″ world tour with the Miami Sound Machine.

″I’m working out six times a week. I probably overcompensated. Every time I do a show I feel better.″

Estefan broke her back in March 1990 in an accident involving her tour bus in Pennsylvania.

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