Spokane police arrest alleged thieves after victim tracks stolen goods online

November 14, 2018

A burglary victim was able to track his stolen property through an online selling app, leading to the arrest of two men over the weekend.

Robert R. Yapp, 26, and Joshua A. Aune, 38, together face multiple felony charges of drug possession and tracking in stolen property. Spokane police officers found multiple stolen items, including guitars, a handgun and a MacBook Pro laptop in their car, according to a press release.

The arrest happened after a burglary victim tracked his stolen propoerty through a selling application. The information led police to the suspects in parking lot near 200 E. North Foothills Drive.

When officers approached the vehicle, they said they saw four of the victim’s stolen guitars and a handgun in plain sight. The release says the officers then served a search warrant and recovered the other stolen items, in addition to drugs and a scale. They also served a warrant on a residence in the 2100 block of Providence Avenue, where they found a fifth guitar, handgun magazine and ammunition.

Police credited victims for recording serial numbers and providing pictures of their property, and to the victim who found the items online.

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