Keeping people at our borders safe from harm

December 20, 2018

In response to actions taken or neglected by U.S. Border Patrol employees and federal troops in our state of New Mexico, and neighboring border states, I trust that Gov. Susana Martinez and Gov.-elect Michelle Lujan Grisham make it unmistakably clear that we expect humane, civil and dignified treatment of all human beings within our state boundaries regardless of nationality, citizenship status, gender, age, color and any other condition.

Our state’s rights in the U.S. Constitution protect all individuals inside our borders from mistreatment and bodily harm from any representatives of any government or private agency.

Several children have been harmed and have even died along the U.S.-Mexico border, according to numerous reliable news reports over recent months and years.

This is intolerable, unacceptable and unforgivable. We are sick and tired of the federal administration’s vicious, cavalier, racist behavior along our border or within our state boundaries.

We expect our congressional delegation also to take action regarding these deaths and mistreatment immediately.

Michael Truax Collins

Santa Fe

Always a delight

If anyone deserves retirement, it’s Kristina Melcher (“From cool, weird to opera, editor embraced it all,” Dec. 14).

But what a void! Under her leadership, Pasatiempo has been perhaps the best arts news magazine in the country or, as Charles MacKay said, “even anywhere in the world.”

Before I moved to Santa Fe in 2004, I regularly attended the Santa Fe Opera. From San Diego, I wrote a letter to the editor to The New Mexican saying that Pasatiempo was better than any arts section I had ever read.

After moving here, I had several positions that involved working with Kristina and her wonderful writers. What a pleasure!

And yes, she had a quirky sense of humor that permeated the magazine and was always a delight. Whatever she does next, those she works with will be fortunate. And we will be deprived.

Susan Dilts

Santa Fe

Young once, too

Culinary writer Patricia West-Barker can do better than compliment and stereotype some of the customers at Clafoutis (“La vie en rose,” Amuse-bouche, Pasatiempo, Dec. 14), as “cane-toting grayhairs.”

Perhaps we can reflect on a few lines of poetry written by Laurence Craig-Green in From the Love of, a little paperback book given to me as a Christmas gift in 1971.

“They are looking at me

the young people

when i look away

do they forget that

i was young once too

and that I watched and looked away

the same as they…”

And, yes, then, I was one of the young people.

Bob Mizerak

Santa Fe

Transporting audiences

I am so proud of Meow Wolf and what these artists have built (“D.C. gets ready for Meow Wolf,” Dec. 16). Homegrown! They demonstrate what creativity can accomplish.

Aleta Pippin

Pippin Contemporary

Santa Fe

Ol’ 55

Here’s a suggestion: Lung cancer can take about 20 years to develop. Current life expectancy is in the area of 75 years.

So let’s raise the minimum age for cigarette purchases to 55. Not only will that make the toxicity of tobacco products moot, but teenagers start smoking because they want to look like cool 21-year-olds.

No one 55 or older is cool, so any incentive for youths to smoke will be eliminated.

Owen Lorion

Santa Fe

Finding the words

What would be the best term to describe the millions of people in this country — not even counting the extremist haters — who still back President Donald Trump after all of the lies he’s told and the damage he’s done to the country and world?

Start with climate change denial and spend the rest of the week filling in the blanks.

I think willful ignorance best hits the mark.

Jerry Labinger


Picture this

Family fun for everyone: Go to Google and type “idiot.” Hit enter. Go from “All” to “Images.” It’s uncanny: A picture is worth a thousand words. In this case a thousand pictures.

This fun activity was introduced by a Republican congressional inquiry of Google for your entertainment.

Bernardo C’ de Baca

Santa Fe

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