NFL won’t vote on whether to allow both teams possession in overtime

May 22, 2019

NFL owners will not hold a vote on the Kansas City Chiefs’ proposal to allow both teams to have a possession in overtime, NFL Network reported.

Ian Rapoport further noted that the rule change “does not have the support to go forward.”

Turning the idea into a reality felt like a longshot from the start. The Chiefs brought the proposal to the other 31 team owners after the New England Patriots beat Kansas City in the AFC Championship Game last year by winning a coin toss, getting the ball first and scoring a touchdown.

Critics of the rule as it stands say quarterback Pat Mahomes and the Chiefs’ offense should have gotten an opportunity with the ball, similar to college football’s overtime rules. But others have pointed out that if the Chiefs deserved to win the game, their defense would have come up with a stop in OT.

The current rule does allow both teams to have the ball at least once if the team that starts out with possession only manages a field goal or less. But a touchdown on the first possession ends the game. The rule is the same for the regular season and playoffs.

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