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Man Insists He Was Munchkin, Munchkins And Author Say No

July 12, 1989

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) _ Two men who played Munchkins in ″The Wizard of Oz″ on Tuesday challenged an account by another man who said he also was a Munchkin in the film classic.

Two of the 26 surviving Munchkin actors and Steve Cox, the author of ″The Munchkins Remembered - The Wizard of Oz and Beyond,″ said Dale Paullin was not a member of the cast. Cox called The Associated Press after reading an AP interview with Paullin.

″I’d stake my reputation on it that he was not a Munchkin,″ Cox said in a telephone interview from his home near St. Louis. ″It’s simple, he wasn’t there.″

Paullin responded, ″I know where I’ve been.″ He maintains he was an original Munchkin and recently was hired to promote the release of the movie’s uncut version on video.

″I can’t figure it out,″ Paullin said. ″I know where I was and that’s it.″

Margaret Pellegrini of Glendale, Ariz., who played one of the Sleepy Head Munchkins, said Paullin ″is not and was not a Munchkin.″

Jerry Maren of Hollywood, Calif., who as a Lollipop Guild member presented a lollipop to ″Wizard of Oz″ star Judy Garland in the 1939 movie, also said Paullin was not a cast member.

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