Green New Deal

May 6, 2019

There has been a lot of talk recently about the Green New Deal, which I think is no deal at all. This could be the undoing of the Democrat Party. I can understand someone who did not understand anything in school after Junior High School, but it is hard to understand Democrats who have been at it for some time to agree, and think this is a great program.

No Christian who daily reads their Bible would ever accept the radical program of global warming/climate change that is being preached today. If you are not sure just search on words like “waves” “destruction” “flood” “drought” etc. The Bible makes it clear that God controls the weather, making the rain fall on the just and unjust at the same time.

The majority can be wrong, and I have written a short little book to prove it. “Climate Change: A Convenient Truth.” It should be out in about a month, so watch for it. It is foolish to spend billions on an imaginary program concerning the weather. Historically the earth has always warmed and cooled. Today isn’t different.

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Jim Hollingsworth,