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90-Year-Old Woman Hangs by Leg From 7th-Story Window

July 23, 1996

SINGAPORE (AP) _ A 90-year-old woman fell out of her 7th-story flat and swung upside down for 20 minutes, her leg hooked over a small metal laundry pole underneath her window.

Ismail Beevi was rescued by neighbors who heard her shouts. She was dazed and shocked but suffered no injuries after the misadventure on Sunday, the New Paper tabloid reported.

It said Mrs. Beevi leaned out too far while trying to extricate a rag from the metal pole under the window.

One of her rescuers, Jeffery Tan, said he was cooking dinner in his 12th story apartment when he heard a commotion. He looked out of his kitchen window and ``directly below I saw a person hanging, struggling.″

He rushed down with three other men who also had seen Mrs. Beevi, broke into her flat and pulled her up arms first.

``She was gasping for breath. She couldn’t talk. She was in a daze,″ Tan was quoted as saying by the New Paper.

The newspaper said Mrs. Beevi lives with her grandson, who was at work at the time.

All public housing flats in Singapore have four or five 4-inch-long hollow metal tubes embedded in the exterior walls that are used for drying laundry. Residents drape wet clothes over bamboo poles, lean out of windows and stick one end of the poles into the tubes.

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