Ludington man sentenced in domestic violence case

January 9, 2019

Daniel Thomas Presley was sentenced to jail, probation and more Tuesday in 51st Circuit Court in Ludington.

Presley, 36, of Ludington, previously pleaded guilty to resisting/obstructing/assaulting a police officer, domestic violence, and assault and battery.

Judge Susan Sniegowski sentenced Presley to one year of jail with three days up front and credit for three days; fines, costs and fees; and one year and six months of probation.

Mason County Prosecutor Paul Spaniola said the incident in the matter was “very involved,” and Presley had two prior misdemeanors on his record. Plus, he indicated the victim impact statement was “lengthy” in describing how the incident impacted the victim. He recommended, though, against a prolonged jail term.

“The plea agreement was partially motivated due to medical conditions the defendant has,” he said. “The fact is that he would probably be a liability in jail, for lack of a better term, because of his medical issues.”

Presley’s attorney, David Bogard, said his client was apologetic and remorseful for the incident.

“He’s told me many times how he wished he had not handled it that way,” Bogard said. “He has offered no excuse.”

Bogard said Presley was working with Community Mental Health to resolve some issues, and his client has limited income because of ongoing medical issues.

Both Spaniola and Bogard referred to the framework of the agreement as being strict, and should Presley violate it, more consequences would follow. Presley, to Sniegowski, apologized for his actions to the police, courts and his family.

“The situation is not good for the children, and that’s my main priority,” he said.

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