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Baby Pig Runs Amok, Dodges Traffic And Police

September 18, 1991

MILFORD, N.H. (AP) _ It took police and concerned civilians to finally end three days of freedom for a 20-pound baby pig - and a belly rub to calm it down.

Police were alerted after motorists spotted the reddish piglet dodging cars on a highway bypass.

″Apparently, the pig is eastbound between the intersection and Perry Road,″ a dispatcher radioed during morning rush hour Tuesday.

A police officer went to the scene, but the little porker, which escaped from its pen Saturday, eluded him.

Two hours later, it was spotted again, peacefully eating grass along the bypass.

A police officer responded again. So did Gary Vallier, who heard the dispatch on his police radio scanner.

″I have pigs of my own, so I went down to give them a hand,″ he said.

When officer James Dennehy arrived, Vallier and a passerby were converging on the perturbed porker. Vallier distracted the pig with grain while the second man came up behind it, grabbed it and handed it to Vallier.

″It took him a few minutes, but he caught him,″ Dennehy said. ″It was squealing a lot when he picked him up.″

Vallier said he calmed the scared and trembling piglet by rubbing its belly and ears.

″They like that,″ he said.

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