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Youngster’s arm reattached after being ripped off in coin washer

May 13, 1997

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ In a 12-hour operation, doctors reattached a 4-year-old boy’s left arm Monday after the limb was torn off by a front-loading washing machine.

Malik Singletary’s arm was severed just above the elbow Sunday evening at a coin-operated laundry in Hollywood.

Malik was in fair condition after surgery ended Monday morning at Childrens Hospital, and doctors said his reattached arm had good circulation. The boy is expected to be hospitalized for at least a week.

``The main problem is going to be with the nerves because the nerves were spliced back together. They have to regrow, which in his case will take at least, down to the fingertips, about a year-and-a-half,″ Dr. John Reinsch said.

Malik was at the laundry with his mother, Camille Singletary, when his wrist got caught in the washer and his arm spun around.

``All I saw was a bone hanging out,″ she said.

Her girlfriend grabbed him, and ``she felt the machine was doing tug-of-war with her _ pulling him in as she was trying to pull him out of the machine. She saved his life,″ she said.

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