Small school has big opportunities

September 18, 2018

As my senior year begins, I find myself being asked by other students if I’m ready to graduate.

Whenever anyone asks me this question, I nod my head vigorously and give them a definite yes. I then proceed to tell them that I can’t wait to be “out” and start the next chapter of my life. They answer and beg, “Gosh, I wish I was a senior!”

As I listen to that last line and start to nod my head in approval, I realize that I have just told the biggest lie of my life.

It’s not like I’m not excited to start the next chapter in my life, but when May rolls around and it’s time to graduate, I am definitely going to miss many things about Leigh High School, including my fellow students and teachers.

Although my friends and teachers are awesome, the biggest thing that I will miss is all of the activities that I am involved in. The activities are what make high school ... high school, especially at Leigh.

At my school, you have the opportunity to be in any organization you want. You can be in one, or you can be in all of them. You don’t have to try out for anything and you can just do what you’re interested in.

As a senior, I am in almost everything I can be. I enjoy this and I love being a part of them because of the relationships that I build with others, especially in sports.

Every single sport that I am involved in is made up of almost the same people. Because of this, we have gotten so close to each other. We all have made special bonds and special friendships. I will never forget the moments when we’re down together, and I will never forget the moments when we’re up together. We work as a team, which is something that I will never be able to do with them again once we all graduate.

Looking back at my years of high school, I never would have thought that it would go by this fast. Time doesn’t just fly when you’re having fun; it soars and never looks back.

I can’t believe I’m already a senior, but I have made some pretty great memories. Most of these memories come from all of the activities that I am involved in. I’m so glad I go to Leigh High School, and I thank my teachers and coaches for leading such strong organizations. The memories that I have made and the memories that I will continue to make this year will undoubtedly stay with me forever.

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