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Couple Married at Fair Sideshow

August 7, 1990

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) _ Julie Gilmore’s wedding march was a success. She didn’t trip over the guillotine.

Ms. Gilmore wed Joseph Berlyak on Monday on the Palace of Illusions stage at the Ohio State Fair, where they met last year when Berlyak coaxed her into volunteering for the guillotine act.

When Ms. Gilmore, 38, emerged intact, the couple ″fell head over heels″ for each other, said show manager Maureen Reno. The two lovers from Akron had dinner after their intial meeting under a guillotine blade.

Berlyak, 42, emcee of last year’s magic show, said he was careful not to flub his lines during the wedding ceremony amid other gruesome props such as a bed of nails and an electric chair.

″If I stutter and don’t say yes, she’s going to sit me in the electric chair and threaten to turn it on,″ he said.

The bride wore a white dress and the groom a pinstripe suit, rather than traditional carnival garb.

″We didn’t want to turn it into a circus,″ Berlyak said.