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Flood Spawns a New Form of Lead Poisoning in Fish - Carp Shooting With AM-Flood Rdp, Bjt

July 30, 1993

WEST FARGO, N.D. (AP) _ It’s illegal to fire a gun at carp in North Dakota.

No kidding.

Outlaw carp shooters aren’t usually considered public enemy No. 1 - or even in the Top 10 - but an unusual side effect of the floods ravaging the Midwest has been a rise in carpicide.

It seems schools of carp are spilling out of swollen rivers and swimming through flooded areas of West Fargo and nearby Harwood, providing too much of a temptation for some fish-hungry gun owners.

All would be fine, except that bullets intended for unsuspecting stray carp could end up somewhere else. Like cars.

Lt. Arland Rasmussen of the Cass County Sheriff’s Department said a stray bullet apparently aimed at a fish grazed an empty car here Thursday. No one was hurt, but that didn’t make it acceptable in the eyes of the law.

If someone really wants to make some carp’s day, Rasmussen said, do it the legal way - with a bow and arrow.

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