4-H participants get a lesson in showmanship, youths learn how to show small animals

July 24, 2018

About a dozen children gathered Saturday at the Western Michigan Fairgrounds craft barn to learn from experts about how to show their chickens, roosters, rabbits and more during competitions.

Small animal showmanship isn’t limited to chickens roosters and rabbits.

“We’ve also seen a lot of pigeons in 4-H; that’s actually a very growing program. We’ve seen salamanders, pet frogs — we’re really looking to reach out to some of the elementary schools and get them thinking out of the box,” said 4-H Program Coordinator Aaron Myers. “Can I bring in my parrot? Could I bring in my pet iguana? Something along those lines.”

The event was open to both 4-H members and non-members. The goal is to generate interest and create the next generation of 4-H members.

“It’s really geared toward anybody that is interested, but one of our goals for the next 4-H year in September — we really want to start boosting our Clover Bud participation, which is 4-H participants ages 5 to 7,” Myers said. “That’s really the age group where they are focused more on learning and less on competition, especially if we have a brand new program we are looking to build.”

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