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City Booklet Riddled With Errors

December 3, 1998

HOUSTON (AP) _ City officials had to throw out 2,000 full-color booklets about the mayor’s youth programs because they were full of misspelled words and grammatical errors.

``I was horrified,″ Councilman Orlando Sanchez told today’s Houston Chronicle. ``It touts education, but the number of fragmentary sentences and misspellings were astounding.″

The newspaper reported that the 14-page booklet was written by Mayor Lee Brown’s $67,000-a-year director for youth services, May Walker. The mayor’s office said the in-house printing costs totaled $5,165.

Copies of the booklet were distributed to city offices, and an electronic version was posted on the city’s Internet site, but they were hastily recalled by the mayor’s staff once errors were noticed.

The Chronicle said the cover contained a punctuation error in the mayor’s title and misspells the word ``millennium.″

Inside, nearly every page contains at least one error, including misspelled versions of ``library,″ ``teaches″ and ``national.″ Fragmentary and incomprehensible sentences appear throughout the brochure.

``It’s going to cost us some more money to reprint these because they are all going into the garbage can,″ Sanchez said.

The booklet was intended to provide information about youth programs the mayor has sponsored. The mayor’s communications office is working on a corrected version.

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