Pressel wins Indiana House seat

November 7, 2018

La PORTE — State Rep. Jim Pressel will keep his seat in the Indiana House, while two other Indiana legislative races were still awaiting final results late Tuesday.

Pressel, a Republican from Rolling Prairie, emerged victorious in the State Representative race for District 20. He won 60.53 percent of the vote against Democrat Karen Salzer, who took only 39.47 percent of the votes in La Porte County.

It will be Pressel ’s second term in the Statehouse.

“I am very excited,” Pressel said. “When I won two years ago, it was an awesome experience, but now that I have gotten to be a legislator for two years, I am more excited to win as an incumbent than when I was in an open seat race. I consider it an honor and a privilege, and an honor to be able to represent these two districts.”

Due to obligations in Starke County, Pressel arrived at the Silver Palace’s Republican Party hangout much later than most of the other candidates and guests.

Upon Pressel’s entry, the crowd erupted into applause. He described his feelings toward the outburst of support and approval.

“I wanted to turn around and see if the governor or somebody was behind me,” Pressel said. “I couldn’t believe all the cheering was for me. It makes you feel great to get that kind of support. I feel honored that people have that kind of faith in me to send me down to Indianapolis and be a legislator. It’s an amazing feeling, I’m so proud.”

Due to delays in counting ballots in Porter County, as of press time, the results for State Senate District 4 and State Representative District 9 were not finalized.

In La Porte County, Karen Tallian took 63.68 percent percent of votes over Cole Stultz who garnered 36.32 percent in the Senate race.

Tallian said, “I’m feeling good. I’m just hoping for the same results in Porter County.”

As for State Representative of District 9, Patricia Boy won the race in La Porte County, but her district extends into Porter County, so at the time of printing, the final result has not yet been posted.

In La Porte County, Boy captured 63.02 percent of the vote over Dan Granquist, who managed 36.96 percent.

Boy has served on the Michigan City Common Council for 15 years. With the win, her Fourth Ward seat will need to be filled by a caucus

Asked about the biggest difference she expects moving from city government to the state level, Boy said the process will be similar.

“The process will be kind of similar, but there will be more people involved and more ways to sideline what we want to do, but there will still be a process,“ Boy said. “I’m excited to get started on the things I said I would do, but I need to call downstate and tell them what I’m interested in so I know which committees I will be a part of.”

Boy said her biggest concerns that made her run the legislature included health care, unions and teachers.

Boy thanked Granquist for a well-run race.

“It was a very nice, civil race,” Boy said.

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