Put an end to cruel hunting tactics -- S. Lynn Brown

October 1, 2018

Starting in April, buckets of doughnuts, breads and other treats are fed to the bears providing an area for them to return to all summer for food for them and their cubs.

Come autumn these beautiful animals become a sitting target to be shot and killed under the name hunting. How hard is it to hit a sitting target?

This barbarism is not enough for these so-called hunters. Now packs of radio-collared dogs are sent out under the pretense of hunting bear only to be hurt badly or killed. What fun -- more deaths of innocent animals.

If this doesn’t make you sick, this will: When dogs are killed, the owner receives reimbursement for vet bills or a $2,500 check. Why work for a living when you can just kill.

Please tell your state lawmakers that you don’t approve of these cruel and egregious methods and want them eliminated in Wisconsin.

S. Lynn Brown, Madison

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