FBI Should Have Investigated Case From Beginning

October 11, 2018

Editor: I have kept an open mind, as we all should, about the allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh. To take Dr. Ford’s allegations seriously demands that. But I am bothered by the automatic assumption of guilt. I find it troubling that U.S. senators have said they feel he is guilty, even before they had heard any testimony by either party. They should understand that the presumption of innocence is a fundamental right guaranteed by our Constitution, not just in criminal matters, but all matters. Sen. Hirono has noted that she believes his judicial philosophy and writings affect the presumption of innocence in this matter. I find that alarming coming from a lawmaker. The presumption of guilt is a trademark of totalitarian countries. I agree the FBI should have gathered information from the beginning. It’s important to assess all available information. But the timing certainly reeks of politics, that Sen. Feinstein had this letter for weeks and did nothing. After all, some Democratic Senators and their operatives said their hope was to hold this seat open until the Election of 2020. Had they followed normal procedure this allegation could have been investigated once Sen. Feinstein received the letter from Dr. Ford. It could have been investigated in a confidential manner. After all, I don’t think Dr. Ford wrote it so that it could be filed away and ignored. She indicated as much in her testimony. It’s reasonable to assume she wanted her allegations at least considered by the Judiciary Committee. I’m not sure how anyone could logically come to any other conclusion. Damian Merillat KINGSTON

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