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Palestinian Shooting Caught on TV

January 1, 2001

JERUSALEM (AP) _ An unarmed Palestinian man was shot and seriously wounded Monday after Israeli soldiers stopped him from passing through a tense part of Hebron, television news footage showed.

Film shot by an Associated Press Television News cameraman shows the Palestinian man of about 50 talking briefly with a soldier manning a barricade of concrete blocks near the town’s main market, which was under curfew. The soldier speaks in Hebrew and the Palestinian replies in Arabic.

The filming halts, and then resumes to show the Palestinian, identified by his family as retired garbage collector Jadallah al-Jabari, writhing in pain on the ground clutching his leg, his foot nearly severed.

The cameraman had walked away and did not see the actual shooting. But he said only about a minute elapsed between the time he filmed the unarmed al-Jabari, clad in a long traditional Arab robe, talking with the soldier, and when he heard two shots.

Several Israeli soldiers are seen walking past al-Jabari as he screams in pain. One soldier briefly covers the camera with a hand, and then the troops talk among themselves for some minutes before they begin treating him.

An Israeli army spokesman who viewed the footage described it as ``horrible.″

``Because we don’t know the whole story, we are going to check very deeply,″ Lt. Col. Olivier Rafowicz said.

Unless soldiers believe they are in immediate danger, army policy calls for them to fire a warning shot before shooting someone.

The center of Hebron, where about 400 Jewish settlers live among about 30,000 Palestinians, has been under a tight curfew since the outbreak of violence three months ago. The 24-hour curfew, which does not apply to Jewish settlers, is lifted every few days for several hours so the Palestinians can shop.

The curfew was in force Monday at the time of the shooting, but al-Jabari’s family said he had a permit that allowed him to move about.

Al-Jabari was being treated at Jerusalem’s Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital.

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