Put yourself in Spidey’s suit

December 14, 2018

I grew up playing Spider-Man games. Ultimate Spider-Man, Spider-Man: Web of Shadows and Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions were just some of the games that shaped my childhood.

So, when I heard Insomniac was releasing a new PlayStation4 exclusive Spider-Man game, I got pretty excited. Two years after the announcement, Marvel released Spider-Man for PS4 — and it was everything I wanted and more.

This game truly makes you feel like you’re Spider-Man. The web mechanics are the best in a Spider-Man game to date, especially swinging around the city. The action is pretty good, although my biggest complaint about the game is that the combat gets very repetitive, fighting the same type of enemy over and over again. Spider-Man’s jumps and flips are exciting to watch, and every time I dodged an attack, I felt so much satisfaction.

The greatest part of this game, though, is the story. I have never played a Spider-Man game with a such an engaging tale to tell. The story is what got me invested — addicted, even. I loved every character, and seeing some of my favorite villains from Spider-Man’s rogue gallery come to life was an incredible experience. For example, the portrayal of Dr. Octavious was the greatest I have ever seen with the character. This game also introduced me to Spider-Man characters I had never heard of, such as Mister Negative, who was a fantastic main villain.

Spider-Man’s allies were also done very well. Aunt May, Mary Jane and Miles Morales are some of my favorite Spider-Man characters, and this game reminds me why. Detective Yuri was very solid for Spider-Man to play off of, but I wish the game creators fleshed out her character more. I have heard they’ll be doing that in add-on downloads, so I’m looking forward to that.

Peter Parker was a fantastic protagonist in this game. He was very relatable, which again made me feel like Spider-Man. The story was emotional, and Spider-Man’s journey taught Peter that he sometimes must make big sacrifices for his city. I think that’s why this game meant so much to me. In past games, it never felt like Spider-Man learned anything. In this one, he did.

Isaiah Delgado-Flores is a junior at Pojoaque Valley High School. Contact him at bubbadukes2002@gmail.com.

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