Child abduction thwarted when parents woke up, Lake Delton police say

May 16, 2019

An attempted child abduction in Lake Delton was thwarted when the two-year-old’s parents woke up after hearing a noise in the child’s bedroom.

The attempted kidnapping was reported at about 3 a.m. Saturday in the Deer Run subdivision, Lake Delton police said.

The child was found unharmed outside the bedroom window.

“Evidence located at the scene suggested that a person had entered the home through the child’s bedroom window and likely brought the child outside the window and then fled the scene,” said Police Chief Daniel Hardman.

Interviews with the parents suggested a possible suspect in the attempted abduction, a person known to the family.

“There were concerns that the suspect would flee the state if he knew of the police investigation,” Hardman said.

An extensive investigation of the information provided by the family eliminated the person in question as a suspect, and police don’t have any other suspects to be investigated.

The police department sent physical evidence from the scene to the state crime lab.

Anyone with information about the attempted abduction is asked to contact Lake Delton police, 254-7571, the dispatch center, 254-8331 or Crime Stoppers, 888-847-7285.