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Big Stage Set For Gore’s Speech

August 10, 2000

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ With lights dimmed and rock music blaring, the Democratic National Convention Committee unveiled the huge convention stage and podium where Al Gore will accept his party’s nomination for president.

Convention organizers presented the 5-foot-high, 3,700-square-foot stage in Staples Center to reporters and visitors Wednesday. Some were clearly wowed by the metallic, futuristic-looking creation, which moves up and down.

``This is my first time to the Staples Center and it is amazing to see,″ said David Burke, a visitor from San Francisco. ``This is really fantastic.″

A giant 18-by-30-foot video screen towers above and behind the stage. It is adorned with a red, white and blue banner labeled, ``America 2000,″ that appears, because of its design, to have wings coming out each side.

The stage’s metal surface glowed as bright spotlights flashed around the hall in what organizers say is a preview of what is to come next week.

Committee chairman Terry McAuliffe was on hand for the presentation as was committee CEO Lydia Camarillo and billionaire investor Ron Burkle, whom McAuliffe thanked for Burkle’s recent $1 million pledge to the convention.

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