Property transfers for Oct. 6, 2018

October 6, 2018

Whiteside County property transfers recorded the week

of Sept. 24

Warranty deeds

Timothy Vos to Shawn D. and Tina M. Scott, 309 Winfield St. E., Morrison, $79,500.

City of Fulton to Blecha Holdings LLC Series 1000 Fourth, one parcel on Fourth Street, $1,000.

Blecha Holdings LLC Series 1000 Fourth to city of Fulton, 1000 Fourth St., $1,000.

City of Fulton to Fulton Food Pantry, one parcel on Third Street, $1,000.

Pius P. and M. Kathleen Wolf to James J. and Kathleen J. Freihage, 310 Fourth St., Fulton, $252,500.

James J. and Candace L. Zaagman to Waylon and Sarah Meurs, four parcels on Union Grove Road near Morrison, $155,000.

Amery Rentals LLC Erie to Jason Neels, King’s Kloset and MVP Trophies, 901 Sixth Ave., Erie, $62,500.

James L. and Misty L. Karrow, formerly Appleman, to Shauna Kramer, 902 Eighth Ave., Sterling, $82,900.

CR 2018 LLC to Rhonda Houzenga, 406 W. Fourth Ave., Lyndon, $36,000.

Jerry Brands to Brandon Campbell, 910 W. 10th St., Sterling, $76,000.

Werner Weitz to Kelly R. Diehl, 813 Elm Court, Sterling, $144,400.

James S. Page to John and Arlene Hildebrand Trust, 507A Sixth Ave., Rock Falls, $30,000.

Jason L. and Amy E. Maresca to Jeffrey W. Mallinger and Michelle R. Toler, 8377 Penrose Road, Fulton, $300,000.

Thomas P. and Dacia Nelson to Daniel Kreiser, 25300 Como Road, Sterling, $55,000.

James W. and Marie A. Foley to Craig A. Deem, 603 Dixon Ave., Rock Falls, $32,840.

U.S. Bank to April and Jeffrey Hinton, 218 S. Benton St., Tampico, $13,000.

Timothy J. and Kathy Bend to James Walter and Kathleen Nicklaus Johnson, 1214 W. 21st St., Rock Falls, $45,000.

Wayne A. and Donna Engels to Roman and Marilyn M. Valdivia, 905 Maple Lane, Sterling, $99,000.

Donald J. and Linda K. Damhoff to Eric L. Damhoff, 1212 15th Ave., Fulton, $37,000.

Harold L. Erdmann to Amanda M. Burtlow, 3255 Washington Road, Prophetstown, $70,000.

Keith D. and Melissa A. Ellefsen to PR 63 Properties LLC, 510 12th Ave., Rock Falls, $27,500.

Gale G. and Beverly A. Zigler to Keith O. Conklen, 17837 Luther Road, Sterling, $175,000.

David Vandervinne to Robert Miller, Van’s TV Sales & Services, 1212 Third St., Fulton, $129,000.

Florence L.J. Scott to Michael and Kristi Marschang, 801 First St. N., Lyndon, $17,000.

Daniel R. and Elizabeth B. Koster to Michael D. and Rhonda S. Miller, one parcel on East 37th Street, Sterling, $16,000.

Vicki A. Anger to Christopher W. Scott and Darci R. Shaw, 905 Leroy Ave., Rock Falls, $87,500.

Justin Marshall to Ann Friel, 1507 16th Ave., Sterling, $79,500.

Clarice M. Meyer to Clarice M. Brenda M., Gary A., Ralph, and Calvin Meyer and Clarice Podeswa, 1011 Eighth St., Erie, $0.

Quit claim deeds

Joaquin Villa to J. Jesus and Obdulia Villa, 1004 Kane St., Rock Falls, $0.

Marc C. Johnson to Laine M. Johnson, 1113 Ninth Ave., Rock Falls, $0.

Mary Jane Fiet to Mary Jane Fiet, Kathryn A. Eagle, and Karen J. Marshall, 712 Valley View Drive, $0.

Abiding Word Church Inc. to city of Sterling, one parcel in Sterling Township, $0.

Jose Luis Molina Dominguez to Theresa M. Molina, 1005 Ave. F, Sterling, $0.

Diane M. Little estate and Daniel Little to Jane Bellows, 803 W. 20th St., Sterling, $0.

Ronda Seidel, Jolane Leebold, and Ronald D. Myers estate to Duane R. Myers, 220 Ave. E, Rock Falls, $0.

Duane R. Myers to Darren and Lisa Dexter, 220 Ave. E, Rock Falls, $0.

Trustee’s deeds

Frerichs Family Trust, Kurt Gregory Frerichs and Victoria Leroux Frerichs, trustees, to Valynda Bushman, 702 11th Ave., Rock Falls, $21,000.

Charles E. and Guadalupe R. Thacker Trust to Andrew S. Meyers, 1015 Valley View Drive, Fulton, $285,000.

Executor’s deeds

Elmer F. Duchay estate to Steven and Brenda A. Wescott, 305 Dixon Ave., Rock Falls, $0.

Gladys M. Hannan estate to Sandra S. Hawthorne, 2606 Clover Lane, Sterling, $144,000.

Soledad Garza estate to Clifford M. and Susan Ortiz and Joseph P. Estrada, 2905 Prophet Road, Rock Falls, $85,000.

Sharleen M. Knutson estate to Jaxen M. Wright, 1404 Shore Acres Road, Rock Falls, $62,000.


Whiteside County Sheriff, Randel G. Stoudt estate, also Randy, Amber and Nycole Stoudt to Secretary of

Veterans Affairs, 1211 Ave. J, Sterling, $0.

Source: Whiteside County Recorder’s Office

Lee County property transfers recorded the week of Sept. 24

Warranty deeds

Lahman Family Partnership to L. Joe Warrenfeltz, 1751 Reynolds Road, Franklin Grove, $20,000.

Rosella E. Flessner to Bailey J. Appleman, 31 N. Jefferson Ave., Amboy, $70,000.

Linda L. and Richard J. Rockwood to Laura I. and Paul E. Kibble, Sauk Valley Machining, 867 Raynor Road, Dixon, $85,000.

Laura I. and Paul E. Kibble to Constance L. and Harry Dean Pratt, 221 W. Morgan St., Dixon, $73,000.

Constance L. and Harry Dean Pratt to Steven H. Brechon and Jilysa M. Daehler, 619 N. Galena Ave., Dixon, $79,000.

Aaron T. and Margaret E. Spencer to Jennifer A. Janus Yeager, 579 River Lane, Dixon, $244,900.

Bethany L. Hall, now Carlson, and Ryan J. Carlson to Eric A. Moe, 1018 Ann Ave., Dixon, $90,000.

Donna J. Pinegar and Carol L. Robbins to Jacob A. Millhouse, 310 Marclare St., Dixon, $110,000.

Nancy J. Heller to Brian J. Fenwick, 378 Van Orin Road, Sublette, $130,750.

Sharon M. King to Kathleen J. Boehme, 573 Pine Meadow Drive, Dixon, $125,000.

Karen M. and William R. Willett to Edward Hoffman, 1104 W. Seventh St., Dixon, $43,500.

Richard Ellis III, Richard Ellis Jr. and the late Virginia Ellis to Jacob A. Bonnell, 1735 and 1737 Nachusa Road, Nachusa, $110,000.

Rock River Housing Trust, Susan J. Spratt, trustee, to Matthew Martin, 1019 Chestnut Ave., Dixon, $84,900.

Gage A. Parks and Rebecca R. Parks, formerly Prunty, to Shane R. Williams, 1013 Highland Ave., Dixon, $58,000.

Julie L. Kalafut to Antonio and Barbara Rosado, block 8, lots 12 and 13, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $7,000.

Kelly Hicks to Douglas A. Perry, block 14, lot 17, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $5,400.

Kimberly Marie Hall-Blum to Tyler Newsom, 232 Walnut St., Compton, $85,000.

Anita Ayala to Charlene M. Heelan, block 3, lot 194, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $11,500.

David and Jeff A. Floray, Marvin Hogenson, and the late Sue A. Hogenson to Brian

Bolhous, 711 Nachusa Ave., Dixon, $47,500.

Danny R. Mullins to Andrea and Christopher Mullins, 605 Richardson Ave., Ashton, $55,000.

Jessica Pearson-Shafer to Kevin R. and Mikayla R. Kames, 407 W. Main St., Sublette, $104,000.

Quit claim deeds

Brian S. and Nicole M. Grove, formerly Bogatitus, to Nicole M. Wittenauer, 222 Willett Ave., Dixon, $0.

Premier Growth Properties LLC to Mark T. Hibshman, two parcels in Franklin Grove Township, $0.

Deborah Servantes to Jeremy and Kathleen Taylor, block 11, lot 105, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

Karen E. Clarke and Dorothy A. Herwig to Karen E. Clarke, 1225 Washington Ave., Dixon, $0.

Heather and Joseph Lissman to Woodhaven Association, block 5, lot 501, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

Trustee’s deeds

Paw Paw Declaration of Trust, Ryan W. Pacyna, trustee, to Leonard W. Puccini, 3526 Howlett Road, Paw Paw, $0.

James E. and Janelle F. Delhotal Revocable Living Trust to JDS Business Group, 424 E. Bluff St., Amboy, $209,500.

Executor’s deed

Estate of Ivan J. Hullah, Rosemary Schafer, independent executor, to Katherine E. Gross, 123 W. South St., Franklin Grove, $45,000.

Transfer on

death instruments

Kim Allen and Susan Marie Goudreau to Audrey Ane and Philip Shaun Goudreau, 2133 Whitetail Lane, 518 and 415 E. Bradshaw St., Dixon, $0.

Certificate of sale

Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC, Amanda Dommer, Leslie Lauzon, and Lyle Dirks, sale officer, to Sterling Federal Bank, 248 N. State St., Franklin Grove, $5,000.

Sheriff’s deeds

Lee County Sheriff and Cory J. and Peace E. Smith to Jacob Clement, 1405 Bonnie Ave., Dixon, $0.

Lee County Sheriff and Ken Burnell to Fifth Third Mortgage Co., 1223 W. Fourth St., Dixon, $0.

Source: Lee County

Recorder’s Office

Ogle County property transfers recorded Sept. 7-27

Warranty deeds

Valley Evangelical Covenant Church of Stillman Valley to Bushnells Walnut Creek Farms LLC, Stillman Road, Marion Township.

David S. Mallow to Harlan E. Rowland Trust 997, 417 W. Third St., Byron, $74,000.

Tongle Zhang to Danfang Chen, 901 Seven Hickory Road, Byron Township, $110,000.

Brooke R. and James Runyon to Tom and Kristina Kuksuk, 756 Old Hunter Run, Byron Township, $149,000.

Barbara A. Werckle to Barney and Lorraine Shelburne, 8469 N. Meridian Road, Marion Township, $400,000.

Thomas C. Palmgren to David A. and Denise A. Black, 865 Hillside Drive, Byron, $365,000.

Denny R. and Valerie A. Borgmann to Keith E. Wilson, farmland, Pine Rock Township, $500,000.

Dean Ankney to Susan Coine, 503 S. Second St., Oregon, $50,000.

Ricky L. and Deborah L. Holloway to Dean B. and Kelly S. Setchell, 214 and 218 Flambeau Drive, Taylor Township, $175,000.

Jacob Fransen to Sherry L. Hoelzer, 1004 N. Ninth St., Rochelle, $92,500.

David Michael Burright to Brent M. Burright and Cassandra A. Gottschalk, 404 E. state Route 64, Mount Morris, $60,000.

Kenneth and Alexandra Scott to Jeffery R. and Melissa L. Noble, 209 Windover Park Drive, Rochelle, $164,000.

Aaron and Tonya Noe to Daniel and Lori Miller, 101 W. Washington St., Forreston Township, $81,500.

Michael D. Moore to Jefferey M. and Laura B. Bylerly, 9310 E. Valley Road, Scott Township, $189,000.

Duane E. Rowe to Afrore Gjergjizi and Visar Dida, 5730 S. Poplar Drive, Pine Creek Township, $203,000.

Bruce W. Johns to Jonathan McQuillian and Jessica McQuillian, 714 N. Main St., Rochelle, $86,000.

Alexander M. Kuss to Thomas J. and Melodie L. Miller, 323 Winter Rose Circle, Davis Junction, $137,000.

Marvin and Debra Horsman to Patricia E. and Joseph A. Borell, 8735 E. Flagg Road, Flagg Township, $284,000.

Edward C. Vock to Homar Investments LLC, 3588 Butternut Road, Pine Creek Township, $80,500.

Silvie Sabasova to Michael L. Moseley, 114 Blackberry Circle, Taylor Township, $122,000.

Walter J. and Ruby M. Iseman to Brandon T. and Catherine A. Jones, 18872 E. Crill Road, Monroe Township, $292,500.

High Point Financial Services Inc. to Matthew and Andrea Svela, Lot 14, South Westwood Avenue, Flagg Township, $12,000.

High Point Financial Services Inc. to Haywell Enterprises LLC, Lot 15, South Westwood Avenue, Flagg Township, $24,000.

High Point Financial Services Inc. to Jeffrey T. and Jill M. Adolph, Lot 18, South Westwood Avenue, Flagg Township, $24,000.

Joseph P. and Linda M. Miller to Jamison L. Parker, 3845 E. Whippoorwill Road, Byron Township, $217,000.

Kristopher Wander to Jordan Wescott, 902 W. Washington St., Oregon, $142,500.

Brian W. and Kelly Osborne to Robert N. and Faith E. Molinaro, 1107 Gehant Court, Rochelle, $205,000.

Kent L. Reed and Thomas D. Becker to Brian W. and Kelly A. Osborne, 5357 S. Sunnydale Lane, Rochelle, $198,000.

Nordic Investment Corp. Inc. to Bradlee and Tessa Baker, 310 Prairie Trail, Marion Township, $13,000.

Matthew E. and Lisa A. Williams to Jacob M. Hobby, 6723 Woodland Drive, Marion Township, $159,000.

Ernest R. Goebel to Askvig Boys Construction LLC, 1413 Brookside Drive, Rochelle, $66,000.

Matthew and Andra Svela to Tammy S. Miles, 227 Windover Park Drive, Flagg Township, $200,000.

Brooke W. and Joan H. Kruger, also Horvath-Kruger, to David A. Luepkes and Kimberly N. Durward, 8186 N. Barker Road, Byron Township, $367,500.

Bill B. and Natalie Winebaugh to Michael and Brook Elmendorf, 312 N. Birch Lane, Taylor Township, $147,500.

Katelyne and Matthew Bearrows to Sarah R. and Byron A. Cann, 18329 E. Quarry Road, Monroe Township, $275,000.

Todd J. VanBriesen to Patrick K. Christenson Jr., 107 N. Main St., Pine Rock Township, $61,000.

Nelson E. Preston and Jenean A. McFadden-Preston to Michael and Tricia Pellegrini, 12403 E. Scott Road, Scott Township, $280,000.

Donald E. Vock and Darlene F. Vock to Matthew Scholl, 408 E. Colden St., Polo, $72,000.

Timothy G. and Jill W. Bishop to Scott J. Meyer, 14738 W. Springdale Road, Lincoln Township, $213,000.

The late Daniel Dunlap to Timothy G. and Jill W. Bishop, 3130 N. Silver Ridge Drive, Rockvale Township, $184,000.

Rachel J. Jones to Michael Moore, 504 S. Second St., Oregon, $75,000.

Justin Guenther to Tonya M. Jenkins, 4 Terrace Drive, Oregon-Nashua Township, $149,000.

Victor and Linda Reed to Steven J. Schultz, 215 S. Transit St., Creston, $129,000.

Illiana Realty LLC to Pink Dogwood I LLC, 1240 N. Seventh St. (Big R), Rochelle, $2,859,000, and Pink Dogwood I LLC to Store Master Funding XVI LLC, same site, $3,500,968.

James F. and Merilyn D. May and Stanley E. and Nancy J. Elson to Michael L. Poole, 833 Wolf Court, Rochelle, $65,500.

Tennise A. Shipman to Gloria Meza, 515 N. Ninth St., Rochelle, $73,000.

Derek D. and Chrystina A. Horner to Ralph S. White III, 150 S. Washington St., Rochelle, $24,000, and 148 S. Washington, $28,000.

High Point Financial Services Inc. to David L. Hoffman, lot 7, East Tracy Drive, Rochelle, $12,000.

Gregory L. Quaco to Dennis and Billie Jo Quaco, 510 E. Mason St., Polo, $58,000.

Quit claim deeds

Michelle Perez to Vincent Perez, 517 Fourth Ave., Rochelle.

Lowell Beggs estate to First National Bank of Amboy, 104 Indian Cove Drive, Rockvale Township.

Larry A. Carlson to Kyle W. Love, lot 43, Lost Nation Woodlands Homestead No. 6, Taylor Township.

Margaret Foster Trust to Daniel and Jenifer Foster, 926 N. Seventh St., Rochelle.

Norman and Jennie McLaughlin to Jenz Homes LLC, 100 Southview Drive, Rochelle.

Raymond D. and Annette Smith to Raymond Smith, 307 S. Fourth St., Oregon.

Elizabeth L. Jackson to Timothy J. Gleason, 924 Carrie Ave., Rochelle.

Allison N. McKeown to Christoper W.K. McKeown, 102 S. Eighth St., Oregon.

Mohamed Harunani to Gary and Kimie Freese, 213 W. Front St., Mount Morris.

Darrell S. Hadley to Mark A. and Angela K. McLane, 405 W. Fulton St., Polo.

Judith B. Duncan to Brandon C. Schanenberg and Judith B. Duncan, 7124 Southwest St., Rochelle.

Allison and Christopher McKeown to Allison Gale, 1167 S. Bradley Lane, Oregon.

Audrey F. Taylor to Andrew R. Taylor and Carole A. Taylor, 714 N. Eighth St., Rochelle.

Jennifer M. Rybicki to Edward Rybicki, 109 N. Wesley Ave., Mount Morris.

Raymond Smith to Annette L. Smith, 806 S. Fifth St., Oregon.

Trustee’s deed

First National Bank of Amboy to Rivers Edge Estates LLC, 104 Indian Cove Drive, Rockvale Township, $417,000.

Sheriff’s deed

Ogle County sheriff and Brian J. Scott to Nationstar Mortgage LLC and Champion Mortgage, 101 E. Lincoln St., Mount Morris.

Source: Ogle County

Recorder’s Office

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