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Waitress, Pregnant With Twins, Chases Stabbing Suspect

November 15, 1989

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) _ A ″little half-pint″ size waitress pregnant with twins chased and helped catch a man who police say stabbed one of her regular customers at the restaurant.

″I didn’t know what I was going to do if I caught him,″ said Karen Hoyle, who is 4 1/2 months pregnant and just shy of 5 feet tall.

She didn’t have to worry because her screams during Tuesday afternoon’s four-block chase alerted a police officer, who caught the man.

The 49-year-old suspect, a drifter from Montana, was being held pending a charge of aggravated robbery, said Paul Adelmann, a St. Paul police spokesman.

The victim, 86-year-old Bernard Young, who was in fair condition Tuesday night following surgery at St. Paul Ramsey Medical Center, identified the man as his attacker, said police and hospital officials.

Young stumbled out of a restroom at Tin Cup’s Place in St. Paul after he was attacked.

″He kind of fell into my arms and said he had been stabbed and mugged,″ said a cook, Carolyn Lenihan, 45.

Ms. Hoyle asked which way the attacker had gone.

″That’s when she took off, the little half pint and her twins,″ said Mrs. Lenihan, who added she didn’t have time to stop Ms. Hoyle.

″It was just an instant reaction to get this guy,″ said Ms. Hoyle, 24.

She said when she spotted the man outside, he was walking casually, until she started screaming at him.

A restaurant patron joined her in the chase but he couldn’t keep up, she said.

She said once police caught the suspect, ″I looked at him in the car and said I hope you didn’t kill this guy. He just glared at me. He never said anything to me. He didn’t have a chance. I was screaming the whole time.″

She returned to the restaurant in time to tell Young the suspect was in custody and help Young’s wife into the ambulance to join him.

After that, she went back to waiting tables.

″That’s Karen. It’s like the show must go on,″ Mrs. Lenihan said.

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