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June 22, 1987

MONACO (AP) _ News reports that Prince Rainier is planning to marry Princess Ira von Furstenberg are untrue, a spokeswoman for the prince said Monday.

″These reports are completely erroneous and lack any foundation,″ Nadia Lacoste, director of the press service for the tiny Mediterranean coast principality of Monaco.

The London newspaper Mail on Sunday quoted the German-born princess’ son, Christoff Hohenlohe, as saying his mother would marry Prince Rainier before the end of the year.

Prince Rainier’s late wife, the former actress Grace Kelly, died in a car crash nearly five years ago.


TOKYO (AP) - Rock star Madonna’s concert tour has been a success, but she says she has had to stay away from some of her favorite places in Tokyo because of incessant coverage by the Japanese press.

″Last time I came (to Japan) I had a lot more freedom,″ Madonna said in an interview. ″This time in a way I was disappointed because I felt like I couldn’t move around as freely, just kind of be anonymous and watch, almost be a tourist and kind of soak up the different culture here.″

She said she had hoped to visit Harajuku, a trendy area of Tokyo she saw in 1985, where dancers of various styles gather each Sunday to strut their stuff.

″I just attract too much attention and I couldn’t do any of those things, so that was kind of a drag, but that’s the way it goes,″ she said.

Photographers have been staking out her hotel and popping up when she went jogging.

″I couldn’t run. They’d line up and there’d be this little wall of Japanese men,″ she said. ″But the difference between the paparazzi here and the paparazzi in America is that after they take your picture here they say, ’Sorry.‴

Her tour moves to Miami, Fla., this week and across the United States, and later will go to Britain, France, West Germany, Italy and possibly Spain.


GUTHRIE, Ky. (AP) - Residents are rallying around a drive to pay off a mortgage and spruce up a red brick cottage that was the first home of the town’s most famous son, Robert Penn Warren, the first U.S. poet laureate.

″It’s far from being run down. It just needs some attention,″ said Wayne Ezell, a city councilman in this tiny western Kentucky town.

Ezell and other residents stepped in to buy the house to block a drive to raise money to move the house about 50 miles to the Bowling Green campus of Western Kentucky University.

Once the university’s plans became public, ″the city of Guthrie became very alarmed and concerned about keeping the house there. Our initial reaction was just one of surprise that there was any interest there,″ said Steve House, executive assistant to university president Kern Alexander.

″We’ve always had the idea of having a small library where people could come and view his works,″ Ezell said.

Warren, 82, who now lives in Connecticut, told town residents by letter that he only lived in the house briefly as an infant. He is the only writer to have won the Pulitzer Prize for poetry and fiction and last year was named poet laureate by the Library of Congress.


LAUSANNE, Switzerland (AP) - Famed choreographer Maurice Bejart has decided to transfer the base of his ″Ballet of the 20th Century″ from Brussels to this Lake Geneva city, Mayor Paul-Rene Martin announced.

The mayor said Sunday after meeting with Bejart, who is on tour in the Soviet Union with his troupe, that the decision followed weeks of contacts, rival bids from Paris, and official Belgian efforts to make him stay in Brussels where he had been based since 1960.

French-born Bejart said in a statement read by Martin that Paris offered identical funding guarantees but he chose Lausanne because he liked the city and needed ″calm.″

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