Dennis Drummond, 36

May 5, 2019

“Anything good you see in me is Christ in me,” Dennis Drummond says.

This principal of West End Elementary credits his Savior in all his accomplishments throughout his career as an educator.

A Cedartown native, Dennis has spent his life pursuing a career in education receiving his PhD in educational leadership from Mercer University. He began his teaching career in Milledgeville instructing third and fifth grade. From there he took an assistant principal position at T.J. Elder Middle School in Washington County. Dennis completed his Master’s Degree at Georgia College and State University and then commuted to Mercer for his doctorate all while working as an assistant principal. Dennis and his wife Rena decided to move back to Rome to take care of family and it was in Rome he first started working for Rome City Schools. Dennis served as assistant principal at East Central Elementary for two years before moving to West End where he held the same position for a year. Last May, when Principal Buffi Murphy became the professional learning specialist for the school system, Dennis was made principal of West End Elementary.

“I love working with kids,” he says. “West End has high expectations of its students so students can be successful and productive citizens of Rome,” Dennis said.

The school has started a new program this school year called Core Essentials that focuses on teaching students key character education traits. Dennis says he and his staff are not only trying to teach the kids to be intelligent but to also be people of character with a strong moral foundation and social responsibility. West End staff is also trying to prepare students for a future job market that will be heavy on science, technology, engineering and math he says. He wants his students to be problem solvers and students work in groups to learn how to collaborate because those are skills they will use as adults.

Dennis says his wife is extremely supportive of his role as principal of West End and he couldn’t do what he does without the support of his family.

“In this job, I couldn’t do it without continual wisdom from God,” he says. “I also couldn’t do it without my wife.”

Together they have two children, Benji, 9 and Mary Grace, 6.

Dennis and Rena attend Pleasant Valley South Baptist Church where they teach a young married couple Sunday school class. When he isn’t in school Drummond says teaching others about the word of God is his passion. He also coaches his son Benji in Upward basketball at Dykes Creek Baptist Church.