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Chronology of Hostage Situtation

April 22, 1990

Undated (AP) _ Here is a chronology of events in the holding of American kidnap victims in Lebanon:


- The Rev. Lawrence Martin Jenco abducted in Beirut.

- Jeremy Levin, Beirut chief for U.S. Cable News Network, kidnapped earlier in west Beirut, gains his freedom. He says he escaped; Islamic Jihad says it freed him.

- Terry Anderson, chief Mideast correspondent for The Associated Press, abducted on Beirut street.

- David P. Jacobsen, American director of American University Hospital, kidnapped.

- American Thomas Sutherland, acting agriculture dean at American University, kidnapped.

- American Presbyterian pastor Benjamin Weir freed after 16 months in captivity.

- CIA officer William Buckley, a hostage since March 16, 1984, killed after Israeli air raid on PLO headquarters in Tunisia.


- American University librarian Peter Kilburn, an American, and two other hostages, British educators Leigh Douglas and Philip Padfield, found shot to death east of Beirut two days after U.S. air raids on Libya.

- Revolutionary Organization of Socialist Moslems says it has killed kidnapped British journalist Alec Collett in retaliation for British complicity in U.S. attack on Libya.

- Jenco freed.

- American educator Frank Herbert Reed kidnapped in west Beirut.

- American University accountant Joseph Cicippio abducted on west Beirut campus.

- American writer Edward Austin Tracy kidnapped in Beirut.

- Jacobsen is released in Beirut.

- First reports surface that the United States arranged arms shipments to Iran in exchange for hostage releases.


- Anglican Church mediator Terry Waite kidnapped.

- Three Americans - Jesse Jonathan Turner, Alann Steen and Robert Polhill - and Indian Mithileshwar Singh, all faculty members of Beirut University College, kidnapped from the campus.

- American journalist Charles Glass kidnapped; turns up two months later and says he escaped.

- Kidnappers issue videotape of Anderson in which he appeals to President Reagan to win the hostages’ release, saying, ″There is a limit for how long we can last.″


- U.S. Marine Lt. Col. William R. Higgins, member of U.N. observer force in Lebanon, abducted.

- The last three French hostages in Lebanon are set free. They say a fourth French hostage, Michel Seurat, died in captivity.

- Indian professor Mithileshwar Singh is freed.


- Lebanon’s most influential Shiite Moslem cleric, Sheik Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah, says the foreign hostages should be freed.

- Israeli commandos abduct Sheik Abdul Karim Obeid, a clerical leader of fundamentalist Shiite group Hezbollah, from his Lebanese home. Organization of the Oppressed on Earth kills Higgins and says it was reprisal for Obeid’s kidnapping.

- Kidnappers release photo of Anderson, accompanying another demand for release of comrades jailed in Kuwait.

- U.S. releases $567 million in frozen Iranian assets.


- Iranian President Hashemi Rafsanjani says he believes the hostage issue ″is moving toward a solution.″ The Revolutionary Justice Organization, one of several groups holding hostatges in Lebanon, said it did not intend to release its hostages.

- The Islamic Jihad for the Liberation of Palestine releases U.S. hostage Robert Polhill.

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