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Argentine chief: Protesters are misguided minority

May 14, 2014

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) — Argentina’s opposition-led unions protested in front of the government palace on Wednesday, calling on President Cristina Fernandez to control inflation, combat crime and stop taxing the incomes of working people.

Hugo Moyano, who runs the breakaway faction of the General Labor Confederation, called the protest after making alliances with a range of politicians seeking to succeed Fernandez in 2015. He asked “all of society” to converge on the Plaza de Mayo for a debate about solutions to Argentina’s ills.

“It cannot be that a shameful tax is imposed on working men, that inflation consumes workers’ salaries and that we have more and more suspensions and layoffs,” Moyano said.

Cabinet Chief Jorge Capitanich dismissed the protest as a political move by a union minority. He said businesses, not the government, are to blame for soaring inflation, which independent analysts estimate to be at least 30 percent a year. People frustrated by crime should complain to Argentina’s 24 governors, he said, because “crime is the responsibility of the provinces.”

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