Letter: Why not reuse plastic bags?

February 17, 2019

To the editor,

Overall, I’m in favor of doing away with plastic bags in Stamford. We get more and more every time we purchase something, and the bags seem to end up everywhere.

I’ve been dutifully preparing for no plastic bags at checkout by saving the ones I’m receiving now. The plan was to put them in an empty tissue box to keep in my car so I’d always have bags at the ready. (Very “Hints from Heloise”).

Then in the Advocate I read that “The ordinance defines a reusable bag as one made of cloth or other machine-washable fiber, or durable plastic at least 12 mils. thick.” That rules out my handy stock pile of bags. My question is, since I would be reusing these plastic bags, doesn’t that make them reusable? So now I just dump these (perfectly reusable) bags and go buy cloth bags?

I understand not wanting to introduce more plastic bags into Stamford. I do not understand not allowing them to be reused. I hope the powers that be will re-think this.

Melissa McCrea