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Collecting patriotic art

Jean McCLELLANDMay 27, 2019

When we think of collecting American historic or patriotic art, visions of Washington crossing the Delaware, the flag raising on Iwo Jima, writing the Declaration of Independence or American eagle come to mind. Images of all these scenes would be above most people’s pay grade if they weren’t already consigned to a museum. This does not mean a regular Joe can’t find visions of similar patriotic art to collect from the past and present.

If one is hung up on the iconic and would enjoy those images in their collections they could attain them as posters, prints or reproductions. Perhaps these could be acquired where the actual work of art is exhibited, giving you opportunity to study the original. For example, a visit to the Art Institute of Chicago would allow you to spend time with American Gothic. In their gift shop companionable memorabilia of this national art treasure could possibly be found at a reasonable price.

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