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Royal Couple Wed in Ancient-Style Costumes With PM-Japan-Royal Wedding, Bjt

June 29, 1990

TOKYO (AP) _ Kiko Kawashima married the emperor’s second son today wearing a kimono set of a dozen layers, with a train reported to weigh 50 pounds.

With help, it takes about two hours to put on the outfit, which reportedly cost more than $229,000.

Prince Aya also wore a traditional Japanese court costume, although his was simpler. He was in a black robe with large sleeves - with the design of cranes flying into clouds - and a cap with an arched tailpiece, a symbol of his status as an imperial prince. He is second in line to the throne.

A lady-in-waiting carried the train for the new Princess Kiko, whose kimono resembled those worn by court ladies for weddings during the Heian Period, from 794-1192.

She wore her hair with a long braid down the back and a gold headpiece in front, and held a folded fan wrapped with colorful strings.

Under a light green silk outer jacket was an orange kimono. Inside were additional layers of silk robes in solid colors such as green, orange, maroon and burgundy and a bottom layer of white. Each color could be seen at the edges of the sleeves.

To go with the colorful tops, she wore a dark burgundy silk hakama, or pleated baggy long pants.

For a formal call later on Aya’s parents, Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko, she changed into a white, Western-style evening dress with gold and silver embroidery.

It was a present from Prince Aya at their engagement ceremony in January.

She also wore a diamond-studded tiara, necklace, bracelet and earrings - all custom-made for the occasion. Kyodo News Service estimated the cost at $130,000.

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