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Voice of Homer Simpson Shields Self

July 6, 1999

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ The man behind the voice of Homer Simpson says he has a schizophrenic approach to comedy.

Character actor Dan Castellaneta is best known as the voice of the doughnut-munching dad on ``The Simpsons,″ but said he hides his real personality behind his scores of characters.

``I was never able to develop a persona as an actor,″ the 41-year-old actor said. ``Peter Sellers was like that. You didn’t really know who he was.″

On the Fox cartoon, Castellaneta voices everyone from cranky Grandpa Simpson, to churlish Groundskeeper Willie and frantic Krusty the Klown.

The soft-spoken actor is now taking his rarely seen face _ and multiple personalities _ to the comedy stage.

The actor plays nearly 20 different characters _ such as a ventriloquist’s dummy and a Billie Holiday impersonator _ in a 90-minute, one-man show he wrote titled ``Where Did Vincent Van Gogh?″

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