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Animal Activists Break Into Lab

August 29, 2000

WELLINGTON, Colo. (AP) _ Animal rights activists claimed responsibility for a break-in in which scores of birds and rats were released from a commercial laboratory into the wild.

Genesis Laboratories, which studies rat control methods, said it lost 70 quail, 11 ducks and an undetermined number of rats early Monday.

The North American Animal Liberation Front claimed responsibility via ALF spokesman David Barbarash. The underground organization typically sends communiques to Barbarash, who then informs the public.

The vandalism may have contributed to the animals’ deaths. Genesis estimated that up to three-quarters of the animals had been killed by coyotes or foxes by Tuesday afternoon.

The ALF said it cut through outdoor aviaries with wire cutters and drilled into the wall of the main laboratory to release the caged animals.

The ALF said the lab traps animals for use in toxicology testing. ``It’s nothing short of out-and-out torture,″ Barbarash said.

A woman who answered the phone Tuesday at Genesis Laboratories had no comment.

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