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Divers discover ancient Greek shipwreck

November 8, 1997

ATHENS, Greece (AP) _ Divers exploring the eastern Aegean seabed have discovered the remains of an ancient shipwreck carrying rare large sealed jugs.

The divers, from the ministry’s Sea Antiquities Department, found clusters of fragments from the jugs, which are called amphorae, off the coast of Lipsi, a small island located between the Dodecanese islands of Patmos and Leros.

Archaeologists said the amphorae date from between the 1st and 2nd centuries A.D.. They believe the greater part of the wreck and its cargo is still buried.

The archaeologists described the amphorae, with broad necks and double handles, as being particularly rare. They said they originated from Cyprus and the southern coast of Asia Minor, or modern-day Turkey, and were used to transport wine.

The Sea Antiquities Department said Friday it will begin underwater excavations to uncover the remaining part of the wreck.

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