December 20, 2018
FILE - In this July 19, 2012, file photo, a baker shows the inside of a cupcake revealing pink icing at Lil Bit of Heaven' Cupcakes in St. Albans, W.Va. The cupcakes are ordered for gender reveal parties which have become a popular way to tell family and friends whether the gender of an expected baby. (AP Photo/Charleston Daily Mail, Bob Wojcieszak, File)

Firstly, gender is not solely boy or girl. Gender can be fluid. Gender is a spectrum. A child may have a non-binary gender identity, meaning they don’t identify strictly as boy or girl. They may identify as both, neither or another gender entirely.

Secondly, have we not outgrown blue for boys and pink for girls? Thirdly, how about a surprise? How about keeping all of this to yourselves?

Gender reveal events, such as the one recently that sparked a massive fire in Arizona , have grown into an industry, with party supplies on sale and DIY tips all over the place.

Celebrate the birth of a human being instead. Oh wait, that’s what baby showers are for, and birthdays.

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