Daniel F. Tondre: A lawsuit against truth

April 2, 2019

Editor: The color of evil is death, not only to self but to everyone else. Evil is the society that no longer needs to hide, but shows its flagrant presence.

The recent New York position on live aborted infants and the defeat of a bill protecting such born infants in the U. S. Senate are but a glimpse of what we are being faced with in our government, dirty politics is what it all comes out to be.

The suit that the American Medical Association is supporting concerns the funds that go to Planned Parenthood. The president wants to restrict the government’s role in supporting abortions. The suit flies in the face of truth, supported by the extreme liberal agenda again of the Democratic Party. Oh, what is the Democratic Party today? These are not opinions but facts and questions we should all be concerned about and ask questions about.

Make them a deal — hey can’t refuse and they will refuse it! If only they were productive instead of spending our tax dollars to satisfy their egos and try to justify their losses. Democrats do not allow any gains. They are simply out of control and we need to do something about it in 2020!

Daniel F. Tondre

Lake Havasu City