Reasons for village’s founding debated

September 30, 2018

Just why did Limestone incorporate as a village in 2006?

The Daily Journal asked that question during an interview with village officials and Chuck Summers, whose company, Red Slinging Service Inc., handles some of the village’s public works duties.

Summers pointed to the Limestone Township government as the reason for the village’s founding, saying the “township road commissioner didn’t take care of roads.”

“Now the village takes care of them,” he said.

The village’s clerk, Maureen Dubuque, replied that “in fairness, that wasn’t the only reason.”

Mayor Sandra Girard chimed in, saying the village formed because of the belief the city of Kankakee would annex some of its area.

Summers, nonetheless, a former Kankakee City Council member in the 1990s, stuck to his reasoning.

“If you talk to the people in the township, they weren’t happy with how the roads were taken care of,” he said.

In an interview, Glenn Kramer, Limestone Township’s elected road commissioner, said a couple of developers wanted Kankakee to annex a subdivision so they could get water and sewer service. It was the developers’ idea, not the city’s, he said.

The developers’ efforts are what prompted Limestone residents to create a village, Kramer said.

Kramer, who has been commissioner since 2003, said the township’s road maintenance had nothing to do with the village’s formation.

He took a reporter on a trip through Limestone’s Maple Lawn Subdivision. He showed the differences in the road between the village and the township. The township portion of the roads are wider and in better shape.

“The village’s part is oil and chipped. The township part is asphalt,” he said. “The village portion is falling apart.”

Summers, who ran against Kramer in the last township election, said the roads in the Maple Lawn Subdivision were once the township’s. He said it’s village officials’ decision to upgrade roads, not his. He said he does work when he is called, mainly for emergencies.

At least one Kankakee official doesn’t subscribe to the theory that the city wanted to annex areas of Limestone Township. In an interview, city Alderman Dennis Baron, who has served on the City Council for three decades, said he didn’t recall “any talk or desire among Kankakee officials to annex any of that territory.”

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