Don’t create Beltline bottleneck -- Richard Thies

September 22, 2018

I used to live on the East Side of Madison and traveled frequently through the Interstate 39-90 interchange. Now we live in Florida but visit Madison each fall.

We drive about 7,000 miles each year visiting relatives in North Carolina, New York and Wisconsin. As a frequent interstate traveler, I appreciate the need to rebuild our highways. Traveling I-39-90 now is difficult but a necessary inconvenience. I had fully expected the Beltline interchange would be three lanes because it already is north of that point.

From our travels on the interstate system, creating a bottleneck “on purpose” is crazy. All you are going to do is cause problems for all the tourists visiting Wisconsin and will wind up spending more money in the future to correct a mistake.

Richard Thies, The Villages, Florida

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