Cosgrove Music Club holds recital

March 15, 2019

Cosgrove Music club presented its spring recital on Sunday, March 10, at the Wymore auditorium. Four teachers presented 16 of their students. Colleen McClelland of Beatrice presented these piano students: Bailey Morgan, Emma Loxterkamp, Brooke Morgan, Sean Carrera, Kyle Holloway. Sharon Gydesen of Odell presented Jacob and Jayna Novotny, piano students. Joan Davison, Beatrice, had three violin students.

Heidi DeSotol was accompanied by her mother Elizabeth. Caleb Klingenberg was accompanied on the guitar by his father Brett. Hannah Nichols was accompanied by Liz Holgate. Twila Wise of Wymore had six students playing. The piano students playing were Damian Parrot, Sage Pentland, Maleah Lillibridge, Eliza Smith, Sidy Hosfelt, and Savannah Waschnicht.

The next recital will be in November.