Six helpful tips for your DFS season

August 24, 2018

This past season was, by far, my most profitable in DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports) football.

I know, you’re happy for me. And hey, thanks. You’re swell.

But there wasn’t some magic formula or algorithm I stumbled upon to reach this success. No, for once, I actually followed my own advice and backed off some wild swings for the fences. Although the Millionaire Maker and Sunday Million contests are fun, it’s not a way to make a living at this. That leads me right into my first helpful tip for this DFS season.

1. Contest selection is everything

After bankroll management, what contest you enter means the world in DFS. In 2017, I stuck mostly with three-entry max and single-entry contests. It’s a great way to level the playing field against the biggest and best players. If you enter the Millionaire Maker on DraftKings, the heavy bankroll players are going to have 150 lineups compared to your measly one or two. With the entry limit flattened, there are only so many squares to cover, so to speak.

2. Be above the field on your conviction plays

My best week? (I know, you’re happy for me.) Week 7: Cowboys-49ers. Every piece of data I could find showed that Ezekiel Elliott was set for a huge day against San Francisco. Now, did I think 219 yards from scrimmage and three touchdowns? No, but I made sure that I owned more of Elliott than the field did. If he was going to be on 30 percent of rosters in a contest, he was going to be on 75 percent of my teams. When those guys go off, you’ll be ahead of the field.

3. Play Christian McCaffrey

But don’t do it based on Ron Rivera saying he’ll get 30 touches a game. That’s coachspeak hogwash, and you know better.

Do it because he’s getting goal-line carries this preseason.

4. Play tight ends against the Browns

Gregggggggggggg Williams needs more than lozenges. His 10 vs. 11 “Angel” defense, which apparently — and I can’t emphasize this enough, HE WANTS TO PLAY AS HIS BASE FORMATION EVEN MORE THIS YEAR — makes for an auto-play for a tight end against Cleveland as long as this clown is still in charge of an NFL defense. In other words, tight ends, who have only gotten bigger and more athletic over the years, will get to face a linebacker more often against Cleveland than any other team. Yes, please.

5. Play Chris Hogan

The hype train has been going on Hogan for a few years now. But given the personnel losses in New England, and judging by his preseason snap counts with Tom Brady on the field (No. 1 among Pats WRs), you should have more Hogan in your lineups than you think.

6. Ease up on Kenyan Drake

Look, Drake was awesome to end 2017 for the Dolphins, and if you got on him for a low price. He won weeks for you. He’s got the skill set to play on all three downs and the talent to flash there too.

Then Miami signed the ageless Frank Gore. Gore will play. Drake’s usage will get cut.

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