Lindsey Graham: I will be in the NBA before Kavanaugh is convicted

September 28, 2018

Sen. Lindsey Graham said Friday it is more likely that he will become a professional basketball player than it is that Brett Kavanaugh will be convicted of sexual assault.

Mr. Graham said that if Mr. Kavanaugh’s accusers are serious, they can file a complaint against him in Maryland, where there are no statute of limitations regarding sexual assault.

“If that complaint is taken to a court and he is convicted, I will be the first one to say we need to look at Judge Kavanaugh,” Mr. Graham said. “I will be in the NBA before that happens.”

Mr. Graham said that is how the allegations should be handled.

On Thursday, the South Carolina Republican publicly chastised his Democratic colleagues on the committee for trying to stonewall Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination in the hopes of taking over the Senate in the November election.

“Everything about this in my view has been the low, lowest, point of the committees since I have been here,” he said Friday. “It is just rank with politics.”

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