EL FAGARA, West Bank (AP) _ Israeli troops on Tuesday evicted about 400 Bedouins from caves and stone shacks the army said were located on a firing range.

Israeli officials said the members of the tribe also had homes in the nearby village of Yatta, and came to the area during harvest season.

One of those evicted, Mahmoud Hawamdeh, said he had no other home.

``I lived here all my life. This is the area where we grazed our cattle and planted our crops,'' said Hawamdeh, 35, as he rolled a mattress into a bundle and threw it onto a cart hooked up to a tractor.

Several women quickly removed clothes hanging on a line to dry and gathered kitchen utensils. Witnesses said the army arrived before daybreak and surrounded the El Fagara encampment. Hawamdeh said his brother was arrested for resisting eviction.

El Fagara is adjacent to Havat Maon, an illegal Jewish hilltop settlement that was dismantled by Israeli troops last week.