LETTER: Deputy & Detention Officers Union supports Taylor

October 10, 2018

The Woodbury County Deputy & Detention Officers Union (CWA 7177) would like to advocate support for current Supervisor Jeremy Taylor: he is, in fact, the only county candidate to earn our endorsement for several reasons.

We believe Supervisor Taylor will continue his track record of putting the safety and security of our personnel first. During his chairmanship, he met with us to hear concerns, balanced taxpayer concerns with fairness at the collective bargaining table, and yet never took a raise himself. Taylor’s creative long-term planning for the jail and Prairie Hills training center has been important to both personal and public safety.

We find in Taylor a reasonable voice willing to sit down with multiple players and tackle issues by collaboration, shedding light rather than heat on situations involving the sheriff and the union. This is especially helpful when it comes to issues of public safety.

Finally, we applaud Taylor’s leadership efforts. When a bill stalled in the Iowa Senate, it was Jeremy who helped us craft a memorandum of understanding to keep family members on county insurance if one falls in the line of duty. When we put our lives on the line, we now have the peace of mind that our families will be cared for and not lose their coverage based on our sacrifice.

We believe that his record should help him earn another four years on the board and would urge you to support Jeremy Taylor for the Woodbury County Board of Supervisors on Nov. 6. - Mike Simoni, Sioux City, president of the Woodbury County Deputy & Detention Officers Union (CWA 7177)

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