Supervisors consider hiring spokesperson

August 22, 2018

KINGMAN — Mohave County supervisors discussed moving forward in hiring a communications director.

The board discussed the management of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. The board voted to have County Manager Mike Hendrix work with the information technology department in creating a social media policy.

District 4 Sup. Jean Bishop said there should be one Facebook page controlled by one person and not 13 different pages for that many county departments.

Information Technology Director Nathan McDaniel said some departments want to have their own social media site, such as the county branch library that would publicize programs in that community.

McDaniel also gave a slideshow on how the official county Twitter site is tied into the county website and can give residents instant notification of all county press releases, events and videos.

Hendrix said directors of the various departments should make sure the social media is used properly. Hendrix also agreed with District 2 Sup. Hildy Angius that there is a need for a public information officer.

Angius said that with the resignation of the former economic development director, the time is right to combine the two positions. They could change the name of a PIO to communications director and have that position act as the county’s first point of contact.

Angius also said the previous PIO position became too political. Each supervisor could provide information to deal with their own district.

Bishop agreed that a public information officer in needed but said there should be a full-time economic development director if it is needed.

District 3 Sup. Buster Johnson said there isn’t enough work for a PIO and added that he doesn’t think one is needed. The previous PIO position wasn’t needed either, he claimed. He said, for example, the road department may need to put out information on road conditions immediately and the PIO may not be available.

Johnson, who voted against hiring a PIO, also said reporters may want to get an opinion or other information from a supervisor or department head instead of following a press release.

The board voted 4-1 to have staff bring back a job description for a communication director and look into combining the position of the communication director with the economic development director.

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